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Tick & Flea Treatments

Tick and flea infestations are a common problem for most pets living in India. These tiny parasites are a constant source of irritation and discomfort for your pet and very often trigger problems such as skin irritation, allergic reactions, and anaemia. In rare cases, such infestations could become potentially life-threatening if left unchecked. Dawgz uses only the finest range of products and qualified expertise to help you control this problem.

Duration: Usually completed in three to four sessions but could require a more extended period of treatment for chronic infestations
Frequency: As required

Products utilised for Tick & Flea Treatments
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About Aneesha Rai - Award-wining Groomer & Pet Expert, Founder of Dawgz Grooming & More ...
Aneesha Rai Award-winning Groomer, Pet Expert & Founder of Dawgz Grooming & More ...
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