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Flaky Dawgz (Add-on)

Flaky Dawgz' is an add-on service that you can choose to include whenever you book a 'Dirty Dawgz' or 'Vanity Affair' grooming session for your pet.It's the ideal massage treatment to combat dry or flaky skin, and even dandruff. For twenty minutes, your precious pooch can enjoy a relaxing massage while we rub in a secret blend of natural ingredients. This is followed by a ten-minute rest period so that the coat and skin can soak up all the natural absorbents. Lastly, as is the case at the end of every 'Dirty Dawgz' and 'Vanity Affair' session, your pet is bathed using a Vet recommended herbal/medicated shampoo. For best results, you can also add on a deep conditioning service at the end of this combination grooming session.

Duration: Approximately half an hour
Frequency: Approximately once in two months

Flaky Dawgz (Add-on) can
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About Aneesha Rai - Award-wining Groomer & Pet Expert, Founder of Dawgz Grooming & More ...
Aneesha Rai Award-winning Groomer, Pet Expert & Founder of Dawgz Grooming & More ...
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