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It's a natural process for dogs and cats to regularly shed hair. Shedding can be attributed to changes in weather, temperature control, due to stress or even in the case of certain diseases. However, shedding can be extremely frustrating for pet parents as the process leaves endless unsightly traces of hair around the house, especially on clothes, upholstery, and carpeting. ‘Deshedding’ your pet at regular intervals reduces the effect that your pet’s natural shedding cycles have on your home and automobile. This procedure is done using specialised tools that cling to and remove any unnecessary or loose undercoat, without causing any discomfort to your pet.

Duration: Approximately half an hour
Frequency: As required

Products utilised for Deshedding
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About Aneesha Rai - Award-wining Groomer & Pet Expert, Founder of Dawgz Grooming & More ...
Aneesha Rai Award-winning Groomer, Pet Expert & Founder of Dawgz Grooming & More ...
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