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Mats, knots and tangles regularly become a problem for long-haired pets when brushing or combing is not routine. Each time a pet gets wet, these mats or knots get tighter and more entangled and may cause several complications for your pet, including discomfort from constant pulling of hair, skin irritation, ulceration, chronic tick & flea infestation, and foul body odour. Not to mention a matted dog or cat is very unsightly.

Regular brushing of your pet’s fur will usually ensure that matting does not occur. However, if your pet’s coat should need a professional touch, we know exactly what to do. Whenever we carry out a ‘Dematting’ we ensure that the entire process is done with extreme patience and empathy for your pet as ‘Dematting’ can sometimes be a painful process, especially for a chronically matted pet.

Duration: Varies as per the extent of matting, breed, and condition of coat
Frequency: As required

Matting can be painful for your pet
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About Aneesha Rai - Award-wining Groomer & Pet Expert, Founder of Dawgz Grooming & More ...
Aneesha Rai Award-winning Groomer, Pet Expert & Founder of Dawgz Grooming & More ...
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