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About Dawgz Grooming & More ...

To say that we are a fast-growing but still-very-personable pet grooming centre and supply store would be accurate, but it still doesn't quite encapsulate all that we do. We specialise in grooming services for your little ones, and offer only the best pet products in the world. But, speaking from the heart, what we really specialise in is loving and taking care of all our lovely four-legged friends who utilise the various services that we offer.

At Dawgz, we aren't content to simply follow the industry standards when approaching pet care. Instead, we believe in exceeding all expectations by creating a new set of standards for the Indian pet care industry. We take great care to ensure that our team members are friendly, well-trained in their respective fields, and share our Founder Aneesha Rai’s philosophy of providing quality pet care in an intelligent, suitable, and humane manner. We strive for excellence in customer satisfaction and we care for your pet like no other!

At Dawgz, we understand when your pet is happy or not and one sloppy lick from your little one is all it takes to make our day.

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Aneesha Rai - Award-wining Groomer & Pet Expert, Founder of Dawgz Grooming & More ...

About Aneesha Rai - Award-wining Groomer & Pet Expert, Founder of Dawgz Grooming & More ...

The birth of Dawgz is the story of our Founder, Aneesha Rai, and her love for her Basset Hound who's affectionately named 'Bubbles'. Unable to find proper international-standard pet services and products in Mumbai, Aneesha chose to tackle the issue from the inside-out. In 2009, she left a lucrative IT career to become a first-time entrepreneur and full-time pet care professional with the launch of her pet boutique and grooming salon Dawgz Grooming & More … in Khar West.

As part of her first forey into the pet care industry, Aneesha attended classes and seminars that taught her everything she needed to know about basic grooming techniques and procedures; eventually earning her certification as a Professional All-breed Groomer from Dog Care in 2008. She thereafter went on to win the First Prize at The India International Pet Trade Fair (IIPTF)'s first ever professional dog grooming competition in 2011.

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